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A website is never finished – it’s always going to be a work in progress. Although the hosting and main designs are going to stay the same (as long as you’re happy with them, of course) your content needs to be kept fresh, interesting, and relevant to your business plan. Here are my top tips for keeping it fresh.

Effective Content Creation is key to SEO

The words that are on your website are the bread and butter of Search Engine Optimisation. Your content needs to have, on every page, key words or phrases that you want to be found for. For example, if you were a financial consultancy based in Richmond, you would want to be found when someone searches for your industry and location.

Although you may have flooded your website with keywords, you shouldn’t just leave it at that. Search engines are always changing the rules when it comes to how websites are ranked. Make sure to analyse your website’s ranking on all search engines at least once a month to make sure that your key words are still effective.

Make it original and useful

When you populate your website with content, make sure that it’s useful. This mostly applies to blogs and areas of your website where you put personal messages. You want to show to your users that you are skilled in your field, so tell them about personal experiences you have had in the industry. Everyone learns something new on the job, so share with your readers when you’ve gained. It also encourages them to share your knowledge with others, and we all know how powerful word-of-mouth can be!

Use plenty of images

Images are just as important as text. Most websites, across the majority of industries, will benefit from having original images instead of stock imagery or clip art. It not only shows off your business practice, but it gives your website that personal touch that users like to see.

Don’t forget to optimise the web pages that your images are on by adding descriptions into the alternative text. By including keywords that you want your website to be found for, this helps your positioning in search engine results pages.

Update your content regularly

When websites look out-dated, viewers mentally mark them down. This is especially so in the instances of blogs or date-stamped posts, as they show how regular and attentive you are to you site. Make sure to update at least once a day, to show that you are always making sure that your website is up to scratch.

This can be through testimonials from customers, blog updates, or changing the images on the front page. Not only does it make your business looking busier and more reliable, your customers are more inclined to trust your site. If you struggle to come up with the content you need to populate your website, sites such as Monétisez votre site can give you suggestions on how to outsource this, as well as earning extra cash for your business.

Remember, quality is king. You may be posting something every day, but what you write needs to be good. Making sure your content is relevant helps to improve your page rank. This will in turn get you more viewers due to being found more regularly in search engine results pages. Your content brings in the customers and keeps them coming back.

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