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English Language Coaching

English Language Coaching

English Language Coaching are a niche language consultancy specializing in genuine English Language advancement. Based in Japan, the company, lead by charismatic founder Kevin Depledge, was in need of a web design overhaul.

Having built up a quality English Language Coaching service, it was time for ELC to launch a website which better reflected the qualities and goals of the company and it’s team, and more importantly offered a more profound insight into the tailored, one on one coaching service offered by Kevin and his team.

In their own words,

“Our job is to transform your English. We experience success with our clients frequently because we know how to get results. We can help you break free from your current level, unlock your potential and push towards an exceptional level of English proficiency.”

The ELC offer a highly attentive service, and an entirely different approach to coaching English.

The new ELC website features a bespoke design; purposely playful and strikes a deliberate balance between corporate and friendly. To give extra value and weight to the service offering, the new website also features samples of learning material which allows potential clients and casual learners to understand more about the coaching process. The ELC website mirrors the creativity, attention to detail and organization of the ELC coaching courses themselves.

An absolute pleasure to work on and a website I’m proud to have in my portfolio.

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