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Matchbox Twenty Plus

Matchbox Twenty Plus

Matchbox Twenty Plus was a personal project started in 2003, the purpose was to build on my own web knowledge and to advance my learning.

The site officially launched in October 2003 as Matchbox Twenty Fans UK, and contained a few static pages of Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas information. Over the next few years Matchbox Twenty Fans UK picked up traction and became a small community website, with small but loyal hub of regular users.

In March 2006 the site was transferred onto the WordPress framework complete with a brand new look and feel and a full back catalogue of the band’s music and music videos, and a new name – Matchbox Twenty Plus. Today the site boasts around 10,000 unique hits per month and contains regular news updates about Matchbox Twenty & Rob Thomas

Matchbox Twenty Plus also sparked an unlikely working relationship between myself and the lead guitarist – Kyle Cook, who later invited me backstage at Wembley Arena to meet the band. Since then i have taken over the maintenance and design work of Kyle’s Social Media accounts including his Myspace Page and Twitter accounts and we’re currently working on some very exciting new ideas – more on that later ;-).

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