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The Brief

To create a slick and stylish website for a US hedge fund, with a job board and dataroom.


  • WordPress Development
  • Web Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • CMS Training

What I did

I started off with some mood boards to get a sense of the type of images and colours that would work for the client.

With an idea in mind it was on to the design phase. To keep things simple, I created a single page scrolling website. This acts as a dazzling cover page that leads off to the relevant sections with fluid ease.

The page menu items are linked to sections within the page. When a user clicks on a menu item, they’re automatically scrolled (smoothly) to that section of the page. This keeps loading to a minimum and means that sections are loaded up instantly, with no loading time.

The job’s section features a masked, video background to create the illusion of rippling water – take a look at the live website here.

If you like the flow of this site, give me a call on 07870 862645 or request a quote.

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