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Hollyoaks OMG

Hollyoaks OMGHollyoaksOMG is part of a network of news, gossip and rumour sites – the brain child of entrepreneur and rising star Tom Thurlow (view his Wikipedia page).

Tom envisaged a complex network of UGC websites aimed at building on community spirit and social media . Over the past 18 months i have worked closely with Tom to launch his vision. The first of the websites to Launch was the aforementioned HollyoaksOMG. Hollyoaks OMG is built on a wordpress framework and is running on a bespoke built unique template and various custom plugins. The site data base has been integrated with the rest of the network of websites to allow users a single sign on between all of the 6 OMG websites.

Following the beta launch of Hollyoaks OMG a massive influx of users prompted the speedy development of further additions to the network, most of which will launch later this year.

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