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Bolivia: Super high altitutde, super low temperatures!

Posted on by Tamara

As determined as I am to visit as many countries as possible I decided if we move quick enough we would have chance to visit Bolivia before we started our last project in Cuzco, Peru. After a tiring journey from … Continue reading

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Peru: one helpful cabbie, one mental dune buggy driver and one very lonely German woman

Posted on by Tamara

As we made our way down the coast of Peru we decided to treat ourselves to a hotel on the beach in the breezy seaside town of Trujillo.  Having spent the last week (or what felt like the last month) … Continue reading

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Ecuador: The middle of the world

Posted on by Tamara

As much as we love long bus journeys we decided to fly from Costa Rica to Ecuador to save time. In Quito we met the organiser of our volunteering project who, to our amazement was there to met us on … Continue reading

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If only we could hike a volcano every day!

Posted on by Tamara

Its fair to say I had no idea we would be traveling through this country (yes, yes my geography is shocking, even though I have a degree in it). After meeting a lovely brother and sister from Holland while we … Continue reading

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Drink diving on the Island of Sin

Posted on by Tamara

Traveling onward with our new amigos we headed to Honduras. After a very nauseating 3 hour boat ride we arrived at a port and went through immigration. We all were tired and wanted to get to our final destination so … Continue reading

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LA, San Fransisco & a new member of the RV Family

Posted on by Tamara

Our America Adventure began with a slight hiccup… our flight from Fiji to LA was delayed by 4 and a half hours (locals call delays “fiji time”, gets them out of a whole load of trouble and makes it sound … Continue reading

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Bula from Fiji!

Posted on by Tamara

Bula! If you don’t shout this at the locals you don’t get dinner.  No lie.  Our Fijian adventure started with a long ass boat ride to the outer Yasawa island of Coral view.  Little did we know but we would … Continue reading

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A trip to Whitsundays and The Great Barrier Reef…why not!!?

Posted on by Tamara

So after paying the nice lady at Peterpans a nominal amount of money we were off on yet another plane.  Destination: Airlie beach in the Whitsundays.  It was a beautiful place (and wasn’t raining) with bright blue sea and white sailing … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Planning the trip of a lifetime.

Posted on by Tamara

The decision to travel around the world for a year was an easy one (in theory).  4 years ago we met in America and ever since we have been dreaming of exploring more of the world together.  After working hard … Continue reading

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Posted on by Tamara

In Guatemala we will be looking after animals that have been abandoned including parrots, macaws, spider and howler monkeys, margays, ocelots. The shelter is located in the beautiful jungles of Guatemala!    

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Posted on by Tamara

In the USA we are planning to drive from LA to New York in probably the most round about way!  We are hopefully going to meet up with some American friends along the way.  Our route and dates are as … Continue reading

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Posted on by Tamara

In Australia we are going to meet up with a good friend that we met whilst working in America.  We are staying in Melbourne and hopefully are going to spent New Year’s Eve in Sydney.

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Posted on by Tamara

In Africa we are going to trek and camp across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.  We are visiting Victoria Falls and going on a number of safaris.  Ben will probably doing a number of dangerous activities which I’ll be … Continue reading

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Posted on by Tamara

I have previoulsy volunteered in a school in Kerala and hope that we can go and visit the chidlren and maybe teach a few lessons.

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Posted on by Tamara

In Mexico we will be working with children and teaching English as well as running activities for disadvantage children.  

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Posted on by Tamara

In Peru we will be working in an orphanage in Cuzco, helping with homework and organizing actvities.  We might even trek the innca trail to Machu Pichu if we feel fit enough!    

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Posted on by Tamara

In Ecuador we will be looking after disadvantage children and teaching English whilst running art and craft after school clubs.      

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Posted on by Tamara

In Honduras we will be involved in environmental education for local children as well as animal care, gardening and trekking in mangrove swamps to monitor the indigenous iguana population.  This island is very remote and the pace of life here … Continue reading

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Posted on by Tamara

This is probably the destination I am most looking forward to going to.  We are in Fiji for 2 weeks and for the first week we are touring the local islands, snorkelling, kayaking and camping on the beach.  The second … Continue reading

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Where are we now?

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