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Back to basics.. designing for TV with WTVML!

Back to basics.. designing for TV with WTVML!

We all know that Interactive TV is behind the times… but things do seem to be getting better. I’ve just started working for Miniweb Interactive- An interactive TV company who push the concept of TV Websites with associated TV Keys..

So a TV Key is basically the same as an american 0800 “CALL NOW” type number, with letters referencing the number you call.. using a TV remote, you press the relevent numbers – so JML would be 565.. Or in the case of Boshanka – 26742652…

You open up Sky interactive, click on the “more option” (0) then click on “tv keys” (2).. from here you can enter a key like the ones above, or indeed to a search.

The sites on the platform are built using “wTVML”, i recently finalised a TVML version of Boshanka, which is available on the platform via the above tv key.. the downside is it does mean designing for 28.8kps modems… which is about as advanced as a Sky box gets.. roll on Virgin! Seriously, we need IPTV, and we need it now..

The concept is there, with TV sites being fully capable of handling server side code, as the wtvml files sit neatly on your web server.. we just need a little bit more power – at the moment i’m afraid anything you can get on a TV website, you can get on a PC much faster…

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