s Protect Your Privacy on Facebook from Intrusive Apps!

Protect your privacy on Facebook from intrusive apps with MyPermissions!

Protect your privacy on Facebook from intrusive apps with MyPermissions!

Facebook has always been a bit of a worry, i constantly find myself at odds with my own decision using facebook. No other website seems to push me as far in terms of giving over my data and accepting ridiculous privacy terms – be it to access a particular app or simply to save time logging into a website. Quite simply I think I have become desensitized, I’m just too willing to fork over my personal data in return for a fleeting glance in some quirky new web app or website connection.

I rarely ever remove those permissions, it only crosses my mind at the point I’m handing over my soul. Shortly after, all is forgotten, I’m distracted by some other pointless web app.  To that end the circle goes on, and the list of questionable apps with a ridiculous level of access to all things me just grows and grows.

A Way to easily see what apps have access to your data on Facebook

And an easy way to nuke the bastards!

MyPermissions Facebook Application

MyPermissions Facebook Application

Look Ventures start up MyPermissions is your friend. The company are growing quickly and working on a nifty little browser plugin and an iPhone app. Basically what they do is give users an immediate view of every application with access to their personal information on Facebook, and on a more granular level, MyPermissions makes it easy to see exactly which parts of your Facebook the apps have access to – such as your profile information, inbox, photos etc.

It really is quite shocking, the first thing i noticed when my 45 strong list was generated, was how many of these apps had access to stuff that they quite simply did not need. They’re literally having their cake and eating it. Whilst 45 might sound alot, other people who I’ve shown the app to have generated lists in the 100s!

MyPermissions Screenshot

MyPermissions once i had removed a few apps!

MyPermissions is so much more than just an overview though. The easy to use cleaner tool takes things to a whole other level, analyzing the applications you have given access to your Facebook account and let you know which ones are truly the most intrusive. With this list you can easily see which apps are the worst offenders, and which ones really don’t need the access level they have been given, and with the simple click of a button, you can nuke ’em all!

You can remove them one by one if you wish, but nuking them all is probably the most effective way forward. It’ll soon become apparent as you continue your web journey which ones you use daily which require access, and you can follow the simple process to connect them back up again. You’d be surprised, i found there were only 2 or 3 apps which I actually used on a daily basis which required access to my Facebook Profile. Below you can see it all in action!

So that’s it, a fabulous free new tool that can really help to protect your privacy on Facebook and the internet, and more specifically, on Facebook! Leave a comment and let me know how many apps you had on your list!

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