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Graphic design & design for print

Creativity is the key to a successful design. Having worked with some amazing web design creative’s, i have learned and studied the art of design. I graduated from the University of Leeds with a Degree in New Media in Summer 2008 which provided me with a solid understanding of design and creativity. As a designer i understand that their is no limit to the creative behind a project, and as Paul Valery said “A Poem is never finished, only abandoned.” – the same is true of design.

Colour affects us in many different ways, so its important to choose wisely when considering the colours that will be used in a piece of design, our emotional response to different colours is directly linked to our desicion making process, so the design process must consider the desired affect on the user when making a decision about colour. Colour can also be used to identify uniform styles and often signals to a user certain connotive meanings – such as red often means danger, or blue is often associated with information. When designing a new product or user specific graphic certain colours can be used to encourage the user towards (or away from) certain elements.

It is paramount to the design of a piece of work that the typography be utilized correctly, the typography affects the functionality, usability and visual impact of a design. I have studied typography and Gestalt design principles to understand the concept of what we find visually appealing and what we don’t like. Typography is equally important to a piece of design to any other factor – and should always be considered thoughtfully and meaningfully.

Sometimes it’s necessary to create an impact, particularly when designing an advertisement or promotional piece, impactive design is a great way to evoke an emotional response from the viewer/ user. I have worked with many clients to develop creative and unusual designs to make their target audience look twice!

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