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A tailored SEO campaign and search strategy can help lift your website's position in search results and bring more potential customers to your website

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is as important as the building of your website itself. There’s no point having a stunning  website if nobody can find it.

Building a great website is only the first step to online success. In some cases the hard work is yet to come. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the lengthy process of improving your website’s visibility over time. Usually this refers to a websites position in the natural search results when certain key terms are entered. The higher a specific page on your website ranks, and the higher the volume of traffic for the term to which the page ranks for, the more visitors that specific page will receive.

So why should SEO be important to you?

  • Imagine if no one could easily find your place of business, no phone listing in local directories, no visible shop window. It’s unlikely a business could survive in a situation like this.
  • You want to reach NEW customers, your existing customers probably already know your website, but a strong SEO campaign can help you find new customers, one’s that can’t or haven’t been reached by your other offline advertising campaigns.
  • Good SEO will drive engaged customers to your website, because targeted keyword optimisation means that the customers landing on your pages, have expressed an interest in that particular service or product by searching for it.
  • It’s not enough just to have a great website, with great content anymore. Sure, that’s the first step, but getting your website to the top of the search results requires a little more work.

I can run SEO campaigns of varying length and commitment requirements, it’s completely dependent on you and your business. Please get in touch now for a tailored SEO quote, or read on to find out more about a full SEO campaign.

Tracking your SEO campaign

I am an Google Analytics Qualified Individual (GAIQ) and an Adwords Qualified Individual, so you can rest assured knowing that all the tracking and reporting of your SEO efforts is being done by a qualified professional.

Google Adwords CertifiedGoogle Analytics QualifiedDepending on your campaign, you have a choice as to the type of SEO reporting you wish to receive. In some cases, my clients prefer a more practical approach – requesting I spend additional time building their link profile rather than on a report they don’t have time to read. Alternatively, some of my clients prefer detailed monthly reports, which gives them a clear overview of what SEO activity has taken place, and the impact it has had on their website. Whichever method you choose is completely up to you, and dependent on your bespoke requirements.

Affordable Web Design and SEO Services

It’s about the complete package. I have worked with some of the best search agencies in London and Brighton, so your website is in safe hands. I only practice white-hat SEO methods, and can advise you of best practices when it comes to adding content to your site. As a web designer I understand better than most Search Engineers, the code structure of a website. At the end of a month you won’t receive a report telling you what you need to get your developers to do on your site – extra cost and extra fuss! You’ll receive a detailed report outlining my recommendations and a confirmation that I have already carried the work out, with a benchmark which means in the months that follow you can see a measurable improvement. I offer the complete package, from the web design and development services, to the SEO, to the professional reporting and benchmarking month on month.

Building lasting relationships

I’ve worked with many of my clients for many years, helping them start their businesses from the very beginning then and supporting and working with them to grow their business online. Its truly rewarding.

A Typical SEO Strategy

1. SEO website review

First off, I'll take a look at your website, and carry out some research into your current web presence. I will highlight any key areas which could be improved and provide a list of possible phrases which can be targeted. I'll send you my findings In a report, along with some immediate suggestions for improvement. Depending on your individual requirements we may move on to step two or skip straight to step 3.

2. On-Site Adjustments

Next we make adjustments to your site. Depending on your preference, I can make these adjustments for you, or alternatively, provide you with a best practice guide on how to implement them which can be passed on to your developer. We'll outline quick wins and long term goals and devise a plan for implementation over time. Whilst nothing in SEO is a sure thing, we can ensure you're website is as friendly to search engines and users as possible.

3. SEO Maintenance

A truly successful SEO campaign relies on ongoing SEO maintenance and constant engagement with social media, this keeps people and search engines engaged with your site, which will see growth in the amount of quality inbound links over time. Your monthly maintenance may also cover more in-depth site changes, such as link re-writing and re-structuring of key content. New pages, sections or better navigation.

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