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I’m a WordPress expert. I specialise in WordPress website design and development. No templates. Just superb, lightening fast, beautiful WordPress websites.

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WordPress Development from a WordPress Expert.

I specialise in custom WordPress theme development, design and bug fixing. WordPress is an award-winning content management platform that makes it simple for website owners to take control of their content and update their websites, without making any compromises on design or functionality. It’s great for bloggers, start-ups or large scale eCommerce.

A little more about WordPress

WordPress designers create and build websites for companies using the WordPress Open-source software. A WordPress designer is responsible for designing and building a unique theme and seamlessly integrating any required plugins. Their goal is to create user-friendly, attractive websites that work on all devices.

Is WordPress really free?

The WordPress software can be downloaded for free from wordpress.org. It’s 100% free and open source. WordPress is available through a General Public License (GPL).

Is WordPress hard to learn?

WordPress is very easy to use for publishing content online. Anyone familiar with word-processing software can use it. The WordPress admin interface is intuitive enough that even a complete novice can pick it up in a few hours.

Do Web designers use WordPress?

Yes, a large number of web designers and developers use WordPress as the basis for projects they deliver to clients. WordPress allows designers to provide clients with a website they can edit themselves, via the intuitive WordPress backend. WordPress powers almost 30% of the web and is a standard for web design and development.

How much does it cost to have a WordPress website built?

WordPress websites are generally priced according to your needs, but prices range from £800 – £3000. In some extreme cases, prices can reach well in excess of £10,000.

WordPress Stats

  • Currently, there are 80 million installations of WordPress, and that number is growing every minute
  • Believe it or not, 15% of the top million websites by traffic are powered by WordPress
  • More than 50% of all content managed websites in the top million by traffic are, you guessed it, powered by WordPress
  • WordPress offers easy integration with thousands of extensions and plugins – all of which give you complex functionality without having to spend a fortune
  • WordPress is constantly updated with better functionality and tighter security
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I’m a Freelance Web Designer and WordPress developer, I’m based in London but work with client’s in the UK and all over the world.

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