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Proactive Website Maintenance

If you need regular, worry-free, website support – a maintenance retainer may well save you money. Whilst I will always make myself available to new and existing clients on an ad-hoc, pay as you go basis, I can offer significant discounts on my hourly rates if you take out a website maintenance contract. You’ll choose the number of hours per month, and the length of the agreement.  You’ll get a discount on my hourly rate, proportional to the length of the retainer and number of hours per month.

It’s great for me, as I get guaranteed working hours each month.  Its great for you, as you get a healthy discount on my rates and a guarantee on my availability, even at short notice.

Win, win.

Why take out a maintenance agreement?

  • Discounted hourly rate
  • Guaranteed availability, every month
  • We’ll build a lasting relationship
  • Hours can be rolled over (with no limits) – so long as the retainer is active, you’ll never lose your hours.
  • After the initial period, we move over to a rolling 30 day ‘cancel anytime’ contract – but you don’t lose your discount.
  • Increase the number of hours any time
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I’m a Freelance Web Designer and WordPress developer, I’m based in London but work with client’s in the UK and all over the world.

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